Ring of Fire is a variation of the classic Beer Game. It is conveniently played around a table, and you need a deck of cards and a large cup or glass called “the killer”. Each player also has his/her own drinks.


  • Before the game starts, all participants should pour a couple of sips of their own drink into the “the killer” (the big cup). Hopefully it will be a horrible mix of beer, wine, cider and spirits.
  • The card game is then evenly spread around the killer to create a closed circle. The cards should overlap.

How to play Ring and Fire

  • Each player then takes turns taking a card from the circle without breaking the circle. You are only allowed to use one hand when taking your card. The player then follows the rule that corresponds to the card’s denomination. See below.
  • The player who breaks the circle must drink the killer.

The meaning of the cards is as follows:

  • 2-6 (Diamonds & Hearts): Player hands out the number of sips corresponding the value of the card to the other player. The players can give all the sips to one person or divide them into several.
  • 2-6 (Spades & Clubs): The player themselve must drink the number of sips indicated by the cards.
  • 7 – Toilet Break: This card may be saved during the game and gives the player holding the card the right to take a toilet break.
  • 8 – The rule of thumb: This card is saved during the game. Anyone holding the card can then place his thumb on the edge of the table. The last player to do the same should drink three penalty sips.
  • 9 – Theme: The player says a theme. E.g. drinks. Then every player around the table should mention a drink, and anyone who hesitates or repeats a previous drink must drink three penalty sips.
  • 10 – Rule: The player may select a rule to apply during the reminder of the game. It can, for example, be that everyone must drink with their left hand, or stand up while drinking. If you miss the rule you get to drink three punishment sips.
  • Jack – Rime: The person who draws this card should say a word. Then the rest of the players should take turns taking a word riming on that word. Anyone who first hesitates or repeats a previously said word must drink three punishment sips.
  • Queen – Cheers: All participants say cheers and drink a sip.
  • King – Pose: The player who receives this card can stand in a pose at any time during the game. The participant who is the last to mimic the pose must drink three punishments sips.
  • A – Waterfall: This card is played out so that all players should start drinking at the same time. The player who drew cards may quit just when he/she wants to, and the player after him may not quit until he has done so. And likewise with the player after, until you have come around the table and everyone’s previous players have stopped drinking.