King’s Blood is a drinking game which is played with a deck of cards. The game contains a real twist: One player will always become way more drunk than the others.

The game is suitable for 3-8 players.


  • Deck of cards
  • One large beaker/jug
  • A glass (size 1 cup) for each player
  • Sit in a circle around the table or on the floor.
  • Decide who starts

Game rules

  1. Player 1 draws a card.
  2. If the player gets
    • a red card, nothing happen. (Except a The King)
    • a black card, the player must drink two large sips (Except a the King)
    • If a player receives a the King, this player will pour any amount of alcohol from his/her glass into the large beaker/jug. This is repeated for the two successive kings. Whoever then gets the last the King must drink the content of his own glass and the beaker.