To play Fuck the dealer, you need a deck of cards. The mission of the game is to get the dealer drunk, while the dealers mission is to get the players drunk.

Rules for Fuck the Dealer

Everyone who participates has an alcoholic beverage. A person starts the card game (the dealer) and by looking at the top card. The person sitting on the left should now guess what value the card has. If the guess is wrong the dealer just sighs if the card is higher or lower.

The player now gets a second guess. The dealer places the card facing up for everyone to see. If the answer is wrong, the person who guessed must drink the corresponding number of sips he/she was off.

The turn now goes to the next person. When three people in a row have failed to guess the number of the card, the deck of cards is passed to the next person who then becomes a dealer.

If you guess right on the first try, the dealer has to drink 10 sips. If you guess right on the second try the dealer must drink 5 sips.