The beer game is a classic Swedish drinking game where you use a regular deck of cards. The game is most preferably played around a table. Each player should have a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Game Rules

The players should sit around a table. The deck of cards are placed face down on the table. Each player take turns drawing a card from the deck on the table. On each draw the action of the card should be played out.

The meaning of card 2-6 is as follows:

  • 2 (red) – Player drinks two sips.
  • 3 (red) – Player drinks three sips.
  • 4 (red) – Player drinks four sips.
  • 5 (red) – Player drinks five sips.
  • 6 (red) – Player drinks six sips.
  • 2 (black) – Player distributes two sips to any person around the table.
  • 3 (black) – Player distributes three sips to any person around the table.
  • 4 (black) – Player distributes four sips to any person around the table.
  • 5 (black) – Player distributes five sips to any person around the table.
  • 6 (black) – Player distributes six sips to any person around the table.

The instructions for the following cards are:

  • 7 Buzz / Counter game – The player who receives the card starts counting from one, the person in order count three, the next says three, etc. No player may say any number divisible by seven (7, 14, 21, 28, 35, …). Neither player can say a number that contains a seven (17, 27, 37, …). Double digit numbers containing two of the same numbers: (11, 22, 33, 44,…) are also prohibited. Instead of saying these forbidden numbers, the player says Buzz. Whoever first says one of the forbidden speech must drink three punishments.
  • 8 Thumbs – This card can be saved. The player may place his/her thumb discreetly at the edge of the table at any time during the game. The other players should do the same, the last one to place the thumb on the table must drink three penalty sips.
  • 9 Theme – The player says a theme, such as cars. Then every player should take turns say one car brand each (Volvo, Tesla, BMW, Kia,…). The player who first hesitates or says a brand that has already been mentioned must drink three penalties.
  • 10 Rule – The player who receives this card may create any rule. For example, everyone around the table should be addressed as John; or before drinking, for example, you have to stand up. If you forget the rule, you are awarded three penalty sips.
  • Jack Restroom Break / Smoke Break – This card can be saved, and the person receiving this card is eligible for a restroom break or smoke break during the course of the game.
  • Queen – All women around the table must drink a sip.
  • King – All the men around the table must drink a sip.

If all players are of the same gender, you can instead split the players into two teams. One drinks at Queen the other on King.

  • Ace Waterfall – The player who receives the card starts the waterfall by drinking. In a close-wise order, the next person also starts drinking, and the following after that. Once the circle is fulfilled the person who started the waterfall decides when to stop.